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  • Jackson Educational Article of the Month - Mole prevention tips: how to keep moles away

Mole prevention tips: how to keep moles away

Mole prevention tips: how to keep moles away

If you're a Mississippi gardener and you have a mole problem and you may be thinking, leave the mole alone because its activities will actually help the garden, it will eat a lot of pest bugs and it will help aerate the soil, and all that is true. But moles can also do a lot of damage in your backyard, the best way to prevent this damage being done is to prevent the animal from coming into your garden in the first place. To prevent a Mississippi mole invasion can take a lot of work, you have to know a fair bit about the Jackson animal, like why is it coming to your yard, or trying to, well the answer to that is always the same no matter what the critter, food, your yard is full of food, that is why it is trying to move in.

Moles are insectivores, which means they eat insects or bugs, but 90% of their diet is earthworms and if you have a nice green Mississippi lawn then there will be a lot of earthworms under it because earthworms like living under lawns. Probably the first time you will notice something amiss and realise a mole may have moved in will be during spring, this is because they are very active in spring and extend the tunnel system a lot during this time. Jackson moles are extremely fast diggers, they can dig up to a foot a minute in the right conditions.

One of the most effective Mississippi mole deterrents is wiremesh, with the mesh holes smaller than the animal, the method to use is best deployed before the lawn is laid, you bury the mesh under the surface of the lawn, it doesn't have to cover all of the lawn but make sure it is at least 50%, Jackson moles must be able to surface to resupply the tunnels with oxygen mostly but they cannot dig through mesh so any tunnel they try and dig upwards through mesh that cannot get to the surface they will quickly abandon.

Another major deterrent is by Mississippi gardeners on moles is that these animals have plants they just don't like. Nearly all of these plants are the ones that people grow as bulbs, like daffodils, garlic, onions, leeks. Also there are two other plants that moles definitely do not like, the first is marigolds in the second is, we called the Jackson mole plant, or properly called the caper spurge, all these plants might not stop a mole from invading but they will go a long way to convincing it to leave.

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