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  • Jackson Educational Article of the Month - How to get rid of a raccoon

How to get rid of a raccoon

How to get rid of a raccoon

I have heard it said over and over again that if you have a Jackson raccoon problem then to get rid of the problem requires you to be very serious about the problem before the raccoon drives you crazy. As well as being smart raccoons are dirty, smelly and noisy, and they are mostly nocturnal. There are some things that you must do before you have any chance of getting rid of raccoons, the first is you have to remove the reason why they have come there in the first place, which is only one of two things, food or shelter, if your place has both it is Mississippi raccoon heaven.

The first thing is to remove the food, that means securing the garbage and any other food source so the Jackson raccoons cannot find anything to eat at your place. The second thing is making sure that the raccoon cannot get access to shelter, that means especially the roof space or the attic, under the house under/in any other space that is dry. Once you've secured the house and any other buildings you have and removed the source of food you are part way to getting rid of the Mississippi raccoon.

The whole object of the exercise is to convince the raccoon that it would be better off going and living somewhere else. So now there is no food for it and there is no place for it to sleep but it is still hanging around, that is because they used to be food and there used to be shelter and raccoons have a long memory, now it is time to implement phase two. Phase two is to introduce into your property actual deterrents to try and convince the Jackson raccoon to go elsewhere. You can grow things that raccoons do not like the smell of like mint, you can also spray stuff around the place that will not only annoy the Mississippi raccoon but keep the neighbors cats out as well, like pepper sprays, ammonia sprays and the like.

Remember if you have a really Jackson raccoon and you have tried everything you know to get it to move on and so far nothing has worked then you might want to give your local Mississippi animal control a call because they will not only offer you advice that works but they may also have other solutions, like they might come and take the raccoon away.

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